Medicare and Medicaid

Live Well Medicare is one of the most trusted names for Medical Tourism in India, offering access to an exhaustive range of surgeries, treatments and rehabilitation programs in a range of schools of medicine to people from across the globe.

Live Well Medicare helps you make informed decisions: the details of the surgery, benefits, possible consequences and side effects of operation; potential risks and adverse outcomes as well as their probability and severity; alternatives to the procedure being considered and their benefits, risks and consequences, our trained and professional staff discusses all possible aspects of the matter at hand with the patients in a manner which they would find most suited to their needs. For more information on informed consent, patients are encouraged to talk with their surgeons.

Live Well Medicare offers access to the largest network of state-of-the-art hospitals and medical facilities in India, along with a very large number of senior, experienced and renowned doctors, surgeons, and specialists.

Live Well Medicare has the expertise to make available the best possible options to you, not only in terms of hospitals and doctors, when you come here for a procedure or a treatment, but also for your travel to and from India. In short, Live Well takes care of the planning and facilitation of the entire period of your stay here in India.

Last, but not the least, the packages offered by Live Well Medicare are highly flexible, making it thus highly economical for patrons to avail of the medial services of India.